The Story of Blue Chip


Johnnie Lee Henderson was the successful owner of "The Blue Chip Lounge" in Detriot, MI.
Johnnie Lee Henderson was the successful owner of “The Blue Chip Lounge” in   Detriot, MI.

In the 1960s through 1980s the streets of Detroit U.S.A were filled with the spirit of music and fun. Motown’s influence could be felt to the very street corner. The people who called Detroit home were helping to create the soundtrack of a generation.


And if you visited Detroit during that time, and were looking for a place to relax, unwind, listen to some music and have a good time, “The Blue Chip Lounge” was the place to do it. It’s owner? Johnnie “O’Clock” Lee Henderson.


Johnnie O’Clock was a successful businessman when Detroit was a thriving city. One of his most successful businesses was “The Blue Chip Lounge” off of 6 Mile. Those who lived in the city during that time knew it as a landmark and a part of the city’s history.


And years later, in tribute to his father, Johnny O’Clock Newton started his own entertainment company.


“When I think of the name Blue Chip, I think of a legacy,” Johnny said. He has memories of the lounge as a little boy. “I can remember it so clear.”
Today, Johnny is determined to build an entertainment company that is a tribute to what his father built years ago.

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